Animation & Motion Design

NBC | Election 2016

Election Night 2016
NBC News

For the 2016 Presidential election Block & Tackle developed a look that feels patriotic and modern, while remaining simple and flexible enough to work on all platforms. Block & Tackle designed all of the on-air graphic elements, including opens, bumpers, lower thirds and side panels. In addition, they created a unified system for the race-boards, maps, polls and titlecards that would work both full-screen and in on-set monitors.

I animated on-air graphics, logos, lower thirds, and mock-ups for the live graphics projected in 30 Rockefeller Plaza on election night.

I got to see the culmination of everyone's hard work through my iPad the morning of November 9th while floating in a swimming pool on the island of Phú Quốc, Vietnam. After the results came in and the US went to sleep, I continued to sip Saigon Green in the warm Vietnamese sun.


My role: Animation

Production Company: Block & Tackle
Creative Directors: Adam Gault, Ted Kotsaftis
Executive Producer: Michael Neithardt
Producer: Adam Goins
Lead Design and Animation: William Huang
Design: Adam Gault, Ted Kotsaftis, Gordon Waltho, David Hobizal, Cyrus Cumming, I-cheng Lee, Erin Kilkenny, Adam Wentworth, Preston Brown
Animation: Adam Gault, Ted Kotsaftis, David Hobizal, I-cheng Lee, Scott Balles, Preston Brown, Jaime Lamond

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