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Androidify Times Square Experience

In late 2014, Google Creative Lab launched a 2-day Times Square event for the Androidify campaign “be together. not the same.” Passers-by created custom Android characters on their phones which they could play in a series of games or add to interstitial animations that displayed their names and hometowns - all on the largest screen in North America.

My role was to animate the entire interstitial that we dubbed “Jetpacks in Space” and to animate signature animations users could add to their custom characters, as well as the character reactions when sliding in/out of the “Grid” interstitial.

Below is the original animation for “Jetpacks in Space”. I animated it entirely in After Effects, then exported the animation for a talented developer to build this real-time, updatable experience.


My role: Animation of character Interstitials “Jetpacks in Space”, “Grid”

Agency: Google Creative Lab
Client: Android

Creative Director: Richard The
Animation: Scott Balles
Producer: Suzanne Chambers
Producer: Asa Block
Design: Isaac Blankensmith
Design: Glenn Cochon
Development: George Michael Bower

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