Evolving the Google Identity

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Here’s an interesting blog post from the brains behind the new Google logo.

Google Logo






While I didn’t do any work that directly contributed to the new identity, I did get to see some of the behind the scenes work that went into this, and did some animation for a couple of videos that didn’t end up getting to see the light of day. Here’s one that did:


Android Experiments | Boo!

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Often times at Google Creative Labs, you get to play. Android Experiments is the result of that play. Here are some of characters I animated for “Boo!“.

In Boo!, cute little creatures crowd the screen. But as soon as they see your face, they all run away.





Android was created as an open and flexible platform, giving people more ways to come together to imagine and create. Developers everywhere have used the unique capabilities of the platform to push the limits of what’s possible on phones, tablets, watches and beyond.

We’re working to document creative experiments like these and make them open source so anyone can see how they are made, or get inspired to create their own. Our hope is to encourage more developers to challenge how we interact with the devices we use every day.

Each experiment is submitted by the creator, and all kinds are welcome—no matter your skill level, the framework it uses or the device it runs on. If you’ve created something amazing on Android you’d like to share, please submit your own experiment.

Bloomberg Business | What is Code?

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Today Bloomberg published an article by Paul Ford called “What is Code?”.

Director/Designer/Animator Bran Dougherty-Johnson and rad people over at The Foreign Correspondents’ Club asked me to help crank out some animation for an explainer video featured in the Bloomberg article. The video is in there somewhere among the 38,000 word opus on coding.

Times Square’s Biggest and Most Expensive Digital Billboard

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A project I’ve been working on is going live tomorrow, and here’s a New York Times article about it.



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I’ve been working with Google Creative Lab on their Androidify “Be Together. Not The Same.” campaign for the last couple of months. Check out Androidify.com or use their Androidify app to see some of my character animation.


Googling at the Google.

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ТНТ, Твоё Новое Телевидение | TNT, Your New Television

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I just returned from a trip to Moscow. While I was there, my friend and animator, Alexey Astafiev, invited me to speak at TNT, one of Russia’s top five TV networks where he and many other talented designers and animators work.

I was a bit reluctant at first because I’ve never done any public speaking engagements before. But I had a great time. It went pretty well (I think). And it was fun to meet his coworkers and see all the amazing work they’re doing.

Alexey and his coworkers are responsible for not only TNT’s branding and graphics packages, but for the branding of every show aired on the network.


Alexey Astafiev’s personal site: astafiev.tv
TNT’s site: tnt-online.ru

“Endless Table” at The Barbarian Group

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Working in the design industry, I get to see and work in some pretty creative office spaces. But I think the coolest I’ve seen is the new office of The Barbarian Group. I’ve been working with The Barbarian Group since January, and got to move into their brand new space the same time they did. Here’s a New York Times article about the architect, and a video.

(At 01:20 I was sitting directly behind the camera, but my corner of the office was never shown.)

Dusted off some oldies.

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I found these on a CD-R I was about to throw out. They are old projects from my earliest college animation classes.

I believe Orangutan was the final project in the second animation class I ever took.

Fly on Pie was a quick and dirty exercise.

Leaving Apple for the Big Apple

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For about 4 1/2 months since the end of January, I had the good fortune to work with Apple at their headquarters in Cupertino, CA. I have to say, it was certainly one of the more memorable highlights of my freelance career. After looking in from the outside for so long, it was fascinating to see from within what a company like Apple is really like. While I can’t say too much about what went on there, I can say that I have never worked with a more talented and passionate team of people. I made many new friends. We’re really proud of the work that we did, and hope that the people who see it and use it enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Now I’m back in NYC and about to start a new project at a studio with which I haven’t worked yet, but I’ll be working with some familiar faces and am looking forward to a fresh start.